Is This Thing On?


Ssssoooo….Is this thing on?  Can you hear me?  **Thump**Thump**Thump**

I am off.  It’s official.  I’m a writer.  “Look Ma, No Hands!”

Well, writer may be a stretch.  I’m a woman who has some kids who used to read all the time and write crappy pages and poems as a child.  I’m a mother who loves to create and loves to raise 4 kids and loves to share words with others and loves to craft jovial feelings with my voice.

I’m at the beginning.  Probably further than I think.  I’ve been hearing from a few other writers ( they are a pretty big deal ) that great writers read and write and read and write and read and write…you get the idea.

I wrote a poem about global diversity and equality as my essay to get into college.  It was pretty great so naturally, I didn’t save a copy of it.  Such is life.  BAM! Writer!

Blogging was one of my favorite things to do years ago when I had 4 babies in toe.  I liked it.  I was getting good at it.  But life, babies, bad relationship, and compromise got in the way of that.  But I do remember fondly the passion I had when I would write.  Writing personal quips.  Reading fellow writers creating their shared passion.  It was great.

So this is a re-boot, of sorts.  A platform for me to jump from.  Right now, no plan.  Just simply writing, over sharing, verbally crying, elegantly creating, learning endlessly, hopefully happy.  Will it pay off?  I expect it to feed my life, if not my soul.

This is me jumping. Jumping off the train trestle of life into the swollen river of fear.  Do you hear me screaming, laughing, yelling, clumsily flapping my arms?  I wonder if I will stick my landing?  I wonder if I will belly flop in hilarious and horrendous fashion?

Either way, What A Ride!!!!


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